How Telematics Helps Ride-Sharing To Be As Safe As Driving Your Own Cars

Ride-sharing services such as Uber and Grab are highly on demand now thanks to its convenience and cheap fare. However, many are concerned with their safety when using these ride-sharing services as they believe it is always safer to be driving one’s own car.


But worry not, by utilizing fleet telematics, Uber and Grab can ensure passengers safety by making sure drivers are adopting safe driving behaviors. When ride-sharing, even though not in charge of the steering wheel, one need not fear as companies like Uber and Grab can monitor their driver. They can know whether a driver has obeyed the imposed speed limit and not drive recklessly or if they have veered off course. This improves fleet management for ride-sharing companies because drivers who disobey the regulations can be identified and suitable disciplinary actions can be taken against them.


Besides, companies can utilise driving data to identify driver’s bad driving behavior such as quick accelerating and harsh. Further disciplinary actions can be taken to correct their bad habits. In short, using ride-sharing services like Grab and Uber is just as safe as driving your own four wheels as telematics is proven to be able to promote safe driving. Now, you can actually sit back, relax and enjoy your ride to your destinations.


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