Battle of the Petrol Loyalty Cards in Malaysia

Petrol prices is always the main concern for all motorists. Since the introduction of weekly petrol price back in March 2017, ceiling prices will be announced every week using the average crude oil price of the previous week. It would be easier for consumers to adapt to a 3 sen change in petrol price, compared to a 20 sen increase. However, finding the right petrol loyalty cards could go a long way to help one getting the most benefit out of their fuel expenses.


BHPetrol eCard

The BHP Petrol eCard offers one point for every RM1 spent at the gas station. Earning 550 points will earn you RM5 of free petrol. However, the card will expire 3 years from the day issued. Thus, every 3,000 points will get you RM27.27 free petrol.


RM1 petrol = 1 point

550 points = RM5 free petrol

950 points = RM10 free petrol

Expires after 3 years from issuance


Caltex Journey Card

The Caltex Journey card is good to have; it is a partnership with Berjaya BCard. It functions like “one litre, one reward point” mechanism. However, the card expires 3 years after issuance. Thus, every 1,000 points earn you RM10 free petrol.


1 litre petrol = 1 point

1000 points = RM10 free petrol

3000 points = RM30 free petrol

Expires after 3 years from issuance


Petronas Mesra Card

Petronas Mesra Card operates based on one point for every one

litre fuel purchased. Also, you can get one point every RM1 spent at Kedai Mesra, the Petronas convenient store. However, points expire in three years from the date you collect them and points will be void if there has been no transaction in six months.



1 litre petrol = 1 point

1000 points = RM10 free petrol

3000 points = RM30 free petrol

RM1 spent at Kedai Mesra = 1 point

Expires after 3 years from collection and points will be void if there is no transaction in 6 months.



BonusLink Shell

The point-earning mechanism offered by the BonusLink Shell programme is simple: you get one point for every one litre of fuel you purchase, as well as one point for every RM1 spent on lubricants. There is also 25% bonus number of points can be collected if buying Shell V-Power Racing fuel.

Shell also reward the top spenders by introducing bonus points to be earned based on monthly spend tiers: 125-250 litres earn 25 bonus points; 251-500 litres earns 75 bonus points and 500 litres and above earns 150 bonus points.


1 litre petrol = 1 point

1000 points = RM10 free petrol

3000 points = RM30 free petrol

25% extra points when pumping Shell V-Power Racing

125 - 250 litres/month = 25 bonus points

251 - 500 litres/month = 75 bonus points

> 500 litres/month = 150 bonus points


Petron Miles Card

The Petron Miles Card works on two points for every RM1 spent on fuel basis. Petron award 2 points for 1 litre Diesel or Blaze 95 product and 3 points for 1 litre for Blaza 97 or Blaze 100 products. Membership for the new Petron Miles Card is free for life, so you can keep collecting points until you are good enough to trade them for petrol price or reward redemptions. Alternatively, Motorists can get RM1 redemption for every 100 points you earn at their in-house convenience store.


1 litre Diesel or Blaza 95 petrol = 2 points

1 litre Blaza 97 or Blaza 100 petrol = 3 points

950 points = RM10 free petrol

1,600 points = RM20 free petrol

3,000 points = RM45 free petrol

100 points = RM1 Treats Mart (Petron Convenience Store)


In conclusion, we think the Petron Miles Card is the best petrol loyalty card so far, given that it has no expiry date and gives you many options of collecting point. Besides, it has an extensive list of discounts and privileges available to maximise the use of mileage. We hope this article could help you to make the most out of your fuel spending.







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